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The production of a new computer requires non-renewable resources and releases a lot of CO2. Our refurbishment process emits approx. 95 % less CO2, and we keep materials to a minimum. Rather than replacing parts, such as screens, we adjust the product to a lower grade. Furthermore, all devices are supplied with pre-owned power supplies and batteries.


Available in grades: REZERTIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, T1A, BARGA1N+, BARGA1N.


Available in grades: REZERTIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, T1A


Available in grades: T1A


Available in grades: T1A

What’s in the box

All our products come individually packed in reusable cardboard boxes.


Device, Power cord, battery, 2-year warranty, Windows license


Device, Power cord, 2-year warranty, Windows license

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

All laptops and desktops come with a new Windows license.

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