On this page you can read the answers to the most asked questions. If you don´t find the answer to your question, please don´t hesitate to contact us. 

T1A Ltd. is a purely partner-based business. You can rely on T1A because we offer a broad product availability, backed up by five ISO Certifications and secure processes. Our products are available through distributor partners such as Ingram Micro UK. The reason behind this business model is that we do not want to compete with our partners. We prefer to increase our stakeholder network in order to scale up sales and environmental value.

You can purchase T1A products from our distributors, such as Ingram Micro UK. Contact our sales team to learn more.

All T1A products are classified into five different categories: REZERTIF1ED, REZERTIF1ED+, T1A, BARGA1N+, and BARGA1N. Desktops are classified as REZERTIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, and T1A. 
Learn more on the “Our concept” page. 

The part number structure is created to ease the understanding of product type, model and grade. Each product has an assigned part number from T1A. Different part numbers on the same model mean that the models have different specs. If you purchase products with the same part number, you are ensured to receive the same product each time.

A part number is divided in 4 sections For example: L-T440-UK-T012.

  • 1st section states the type of the device. L-Laptop; D-Desktop.
  • 2nd section states the model name of the device.
  • 3rd section represents the language of the device/keyboard standard.
  • 4th section represents the product line and the number of order of the device with the same specification- T=T1A product line, P-BARGA1N+ and B=BARGA1N.

Each unit is packed individually in a sustainable box. All products go through our professional labeling process, and you can find a white label on the box with the part number, serial number and EAN code (P/N, S/N, EAN) as well as the QR code for each individual product.

The devices from all product lines are backed by a standard 2-year warranty, extendable to 4 years. The battery is not covered by this warranty. The battery is covered by 6-month warranty

T1A Products within all product lines are called premium refurbished products because their market value in the new condition is high. After the refurbishment process, their market value is still high, but they are made accessible at a more affordable price because they are in their second life cycle. T1A receives high batches of products from global multinational corporations and public sector that have a policy of replacing their products after 2-3 years.

T1A is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, and we have a Gold Partner status with Microsoft. A new Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Pro is installed on all devices.

Access the link on the sticker from the computer. If the provided information does not solve the issue then file an RMA case (Aktivt link skal ændres).

Dealing with T1A products enhances your CSR profile from the triple bottom line perspective: economy, society and environment. From an economic perspective, you deliver premium products at an affordable price that carry unique value propositions enabling you to challenge conventional consumption of IT equipment and build a solid business base. From a social perspective, you will offer premium products to economically sensitive customers by providing them with high value devices at an affordable price. From an environmental perspective, you will contribute to the reduction of e-waste, resource scarcity and landfill, as well as limit CO2e emissions and pollution in general.

Sustainability is one of our unique selling points. Our experience says that different customer groups care about different offerings. We encourage each of our partners to use sustainability as a unique selling point for two reasons: firstly, is to educate users/customers towards more sustainable choices, secondly to assist customers who invest great amounts of time and money into maintaining and developing their CSR profile by offering them products with low environmental impact.

No. All T1A refurbished computers come pre-installed with genuine Windows 10 Pro or Home.

Some T1A refurbished computers are compatible with Windows 11 updates. Please check the specs on a specific part number to see the compatibility for Windows 11 update. For a full spec overview, click on the search icon on the top right corner, and insert the part number of interest.

The Battery warranty depends on the concept the machine has been bought in.

Below, is listed which warranties is for which concepts.

  • T1A Concepts:

This includes the following. T1A, BARGA1N +, and BARGA1N.

All products purchased with a T1A Concept, carries 6 months warranty for the battery.

  • Broker concept.

This includes the following. Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. (also included marked models)

All products purchased with a Broker Concept, carries a warranty equivalent to the DOA Warranty (10 days from arrival)