Brand guidelines

Welcome to our Brand Guidelines page.

We value your partnership and collaboration in promoting our brand and products. These guidelines are designed to provide you with clear instructions on how to effectively incorporate our brand identity and products into your website and marketing materials.

1. Brand Identity:

Our brand is built upon making eco-friendly and affordable
technology available to customers in Europe.
As a partner or reseller, it’s crucial to align your messaging with these
values to ensure a unified brand experience for our customers.

2. Logo Usage:

Always use the official T1A and grade logo´s provided in the
brand assets package. (Available at our Partner site)

The logo is available in both black and white. Please make
sure to us the colour most visible on the chosen background.

Do not alter, distort, or modify the logo in any way.

3. Brand colours:

Our brand colours are divided in two groups, primary and secondary.
The primary logo colours include black HEX #000000, white HEX #ffffff, and red HEX
#EF3340.  The secondary colours include dark
green HEX 003737, HEX #28be46, and grey HEX #f0f5f0.

Consistency in colour usage helps maintain brand recognition
and coherence.

4. Typography:

We have no specific guidelines regarding typography. But we
use Barlow.

5. Product Imagery:

When showcasing our products, use the images provided from
either IceCat or CNET.
Please ensure that the product has a visible T1A logo.

6. Web Integration:

You are encouraged to display our products on your website.
Ensure that the product has a visible T1A logo, and the grade is visible to the

For more detailed information about us and our concept, you
are welcome to link back to our official website.

7. Social Media:

When promoting T1A products on social media, adhere to the
brand guidelines for imagery, colour, and messaging.

Tag or mention our official social media handles in your
posts to enhance collaboration.

8. Compliance and Approval:

Before publishing any content that includes T1A branding or
products, please seek approval from our Marketing Coordinator.

This step ensures that the presentation aligns with our
brand identity and maintains consistency.


By following these guidelines, you can effectively showcase T1A
products on your website and marketing materials while maintaining a cohesive
and professional brand image. We appreciate your commitment to upholding our
brand identity and look forward to a successful partnership. If you have any
questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our
brand management team.

Download full marketing package on our Partner site.  

Questions – Contact Marketing: