Why sell your used IT?

T1A can provide you with a secure and environmental safe way to dispose of your end-of-use IT equipment while also getting a fair price for it.


Your used IT equipment often still has value. Even if it´s not suitable for refurbishment, it still contains valuable non-renewable resources like lead and gold. These resources can be responsibly extracted and reintroduced into the circular economy for manufacturing new products. By selling or recycling your used assets, you not only add value to your balance sheet but also secure vital resources while making a positive environmental impact. It's a win-win situation for your business and the planet.


By selling your used IT equipment to us, you ensure that your IT is either refurbished for a second lifespan or recycled in a secure and environmentally sound manner. As one of the only refurbisher in Europe we have the R2v3 certification, which ensures full traceability from when we receive your assets, all the way through the recycling process until it becomes a raw material. In addition, opting for recycling instead of landfilling prevents pollution, saves energy, and generates significantly less CO2. In fact, there is a 3/1 ratio between a freshly manufactured laptop and a refurbished laptop. This includes transport from your facility to our production facility.

Data security

Keeping your IT-assets locally poses a significant data breach risk due to potential theft, misplacement, or accidental distribution. Choosing to perform the data destruction yourself leaves room for data breaches, as only the highest industry standard data-erasure tools guarantee 100 % secure GDPR approved deletion. By selling your used IT-assets to us, you eliminate these risks entirely. We employ the most tested, approved, recommended, and certified data erasure solutions in the world, ensuring your data is meticulously erased to the most rigorous standards.

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