About T1A

We are T1A - Europe's leading refurbisher. We are a proud member of the circular economy, where everything is reused or recycled, and nothing goes to waste. As the CEO, I am proud to share our journey and vision with you.

It all started, in Denmark back in 1999, when I discovered that many big corporations upgraded their IT equipment every few years because of the fast-growing technology. In the process they needed to get rid of the used tech but didn´t have the expertise to remove the sensitive data or the resources to sell it. 

As a former entrepreneur, I saw an opportunity in the perfectly functioning products. Just because they didn´t work for one company didn´t mean they couldn’t work for another. So, I bought one computer and sold it. Then I bought two and sold them and so on. Today we have grown to become Europe’s leading refurbisher, refurbishing 250.000 devices a year. Our size and quality are a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the trust our partners and customers place in us. We take pride in the fact that our refurbished products meet the highest standards in quality and functionality. 

Our current business model revolves around asset recovery, refurbishment, and distribution. We work with a diverse range distributors and resellers from around Europe, providing them with high-quality refurbished electronics. 

We understand that trust is paramount when it comes to the quality of our products. That’s why we go the extra mile to demonstrate the reliability of our refurbished electronics. We implement rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure that every device we sell meets or exceeds industry standards. Additionally, we provide comprehensive warranties and exceptional customer support, offering peace of mind to our valued customers.

Looking towards the future, our ambition knows no limits. We plan to refurbish 750.000 units yearly in the coming years. In 2022 we acquired Danish based Ping IT and plan to further expand our operations through strategic acquisitions. By doing so, we aim to strengthen our position as Europe’s top refurbisher, bring eco-friendly IT to more customers and further promote the circular economy. 

At T1A, we believe that sustainable choices should not come at the expense of quality or affordability. By choosing us as a buyer or your used IT or as a buyer of our refurbished products, you join us in making a positive impact on the future of our planet.